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Webcam sites brought me a new life and new pleasures

My husband and I had just started our life together when I noticed that he became interested in webcams. And his passion became so strong soon that he started inviting me to watch web sex together, and then suggested that I create an account on one of the popular sites for my fun. I can’t say that I wanted to show off my body on camera and jerk off in front of strangers, but I succumbed to his persuasions.

And from that day, a completely different life began for me, and I didn’t even know about all the pleasures that a webcam can bring me! Sex with strangers on camera, new toys, and the most unexpected tasks from my new Internet lovers made my everyday life much more fun! Staying wet 24 hours per day is what came out of my husband’s innocent offer to register on one of his favorite sites.

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Just 24 months after the wedding

It’s only been 24 months since our wedding, but I began to notice that my husband constantly retreats to his home office. There was less sex now, but I thought it was fatigue – we had to work a lot this year, and we opened our own business. He just began to leave a bedroom in the middle of the night to visit his office, and returned 1-2 hours later and immediately fell asleep. It would be stupid to suspect him of cheating, but it seemed to me that a woman was somehow involved.

Usually, it’s so easy for him only after good sex – he slept without waking up all night and is always in a great mood in the morning. But, after all, we were at home, and I thought that he was going away to check letters for work. One day, when I was alone at home, I went into his office and opened the computer. There really was nothing like that, no pornographic photos, no on dating sites. Only one site confused me a little – the, webcams, network with models? When I opened his account, it seemed to me that I had been hit on the head.

Every night he didn’t go to work, but met via camera with different women! As I understand it, he lost quite a lot of money to chat with these Internet beauties on the net. I could understand that he is interested in porn, but real girls who caress themselves in front of the camera, sit in the most unusual positions, showing their naked pussies? Who knows what he asked them for? As far as I understand, he was most attracted to small, fragile Asian women.

Unfortunately, I’m a tall blonde with big breasts, and I don’t seem to fit his standards of beauty at all. At that moment, almost everything turned out like a kinky mosaic – that’s why we had much less sex, and there was also much less money left than I thought. Or our business has already started to bring us much more money than my husband told me. In any case, the family money went for watching Chinese women’s boobs, but not for our family budget.

Obscene proposal No. 1

That night he got up again and went to his office, but I decided that we should talk. I waited for 20-30 minutes, and then followed him… Well, my husband didn’t even bother to close the door behind him, and I saw through the crack that he was sitting naked at his desk, watching a little Asian poppet with short hair fucking herself with a huge dildo, or it was some kind of powerful vibrator. I didn’t go into details but just walked into the office.

Kevin turned around and I saw a real horror in his eyes, but he did not stop jerking off. Yes, this sight excited him, because I think I’d never seen his cock so huge! It throbbed in his hands, and the head turned not just red but crimson with crazy excitement.

“Alice, I can explain this…” – he started to say something confusingly, but at that moment the little Asian woman screamed loudly and finished, or pretended to finish on camera, continuing to massage her clit with this huge black thing. Yes, it would be interesting to hear what he wants to explain to me.

I left the office and went downstairs, and Kevin ran after me, pulling his pants on his boner. I made a gesture with my hand, inviting him to start explaining everything to me. Especially huge expenses, as I understood, he spent more than $ 5,000 on webcam entertainment, and various subscriptions, and almost every night he had a lot of fun with girls on the Internet.

As it turned out, his friend once showed him these sites when they were sitting at his house. Just for the sake of interest, it became necessary to come in, but the atmosphere of permissiveness, sex, debauchery, as well as the opportunity to watch these beautiful girls in real time just captured him. Most of these models really look like dolls, beautiful, sexy, without cellulite and fat. They have perfect huge tits, and they are ready to do absolutely anything for money.

For a while, he even believed that he was addicted to sex, and here he needed to be treated. Well, then he just resigned himself and began to leave a lot of money on these sites. And his only attempt to fix everything was to suddenly offer to try a webcam together! He also said that we can choose a couple, lesbians, some group sex, it’s anything that can excite me!

I don’t know why, but I agreed

He suggested that I try the site because there were so many different cameras, and I could choose any genre of webcam porn that I would like. There were two of us, and I wanted to watch something from the “couple” category. It was more like the usual porn that we once really watched together.

Kevin suggested that I choose a couple, then write whatever I want. To come up with the script of our film, so we will make love watching them. Then I will have more hate and anger than interest, I offered the girl to fuck the guy herself, tie him up, and fuck him as hard as she can! At the same time, her partner should not make sounds or move, he will just be a sex toy in her hands and will serve to ensure that she gets an orgasm. The couple quickly agreed to my proposal!

A slender brunette climbed on her boyfriend so that we could see everything on the cameras. She even tied his hands and tied him to the iron headboard of the bed. I saw that my husband was already excited, but then I also forbade him to touch himself. It will either be a punishment, or I will enjoy the way he suffers. I wasn’t even sorry to spend the extra money to see how he would beg me to let him jerk off and cum.

And yes, he begged me to let him do it, watching as the guy on the screen was also exhausted with excitement with his hands tied. His girl really had fun doing everything she wanted with his cock. I even thought that I could tie my husband’s hands too, maybe to fuck him, but still, I didn’t want to ease his suffering.

Obscene proposal No. 2

A few days later, Kevin suggested that I… also try using a webcam service. In his opinion, we could return the money together, or rather earn it as a couple. Having sex in front of a screen for money? His idea made me laugh at first, and then… I thought our marriage wouldn’t last long. Something went wrong and my husband disappointed me very much.

He tried to persuade me to at least try the camera for several days. He offered me a website that would be suitable for our couple – We could stream from home with our camera and get paid. The name spoke for itself – there were many couples like us and just models with home cameras here.

I promised to open an account, and he said he would buy toys and various interesting things for sex. I was both intrigued and shocked by his enthusiasm when he went to the sex shop. Previously, our sex was good without toys, so I didn’t even know how to use them and what I might like. While I was waiting for him, I created an account and did everything necessary to meet the guests. I had a lot of beautiful photos in swimsuits, and I knew that men were staring at my breasts and ass.

There were even photos without bikinis when my husband and I were having fun on an abandoned beach in Cuba. I came up with the nickname SeaFairy for myself, because all my photos were from the beaches.

Unexpected guest on my page

I was browsing the site’s features while sitting in front of the camera in a robe. I didn’t even think that I would have a guest so soon! He texted me that he would like to see me in that little red bikini that was in the photo. Hot sand, warm sea, and I are so carefree… I was just waiting for Kevin and me to be alone and have sex right in the sea or on the sand. Now, these intimate photos are viewed by some random man, and he comments on them!

He wrote one message after another… That I’m an incredible Fairy, that my boobs are begging for freedom, that he would plunge into my pussy with his head and lick me for hours. He sent me coins, and I was surprised to realize that in that short time I had earned enough to go to a cafe. He suddenly called me in private, and I unexpectedly accepted this invitation…

Kevin was still not at home, but the words of this stranger made me wild with excitement! He immediately asked me to get up and slowly take off my robe, showing him my body. My legs were shaking, but when I saw how easily the money was coming into my account, I suddenly turned off consciousness.

I stood up, slowly baring my shoulders, my hands did not obey me, but I was able to untie the knot of the belt. I was naked under the robe, and it just fell to the floor, revealing a random stranger a view of my body. He didn’t stop texting me, but I could hardly concentrate on his messages. His words were compliments – he admired my body, he begged me to show my ass close-up, spread my legs, and play with my pussy! I felt myself getting wet, is this really happening to me?

Now, my obscene proposal

When my husband returned with a full package of toys, he found me in the office, caressing myself in front of the camera. He was looking at me with wide eyes, and I could see that a boner was swelling in his pants. I had nothing but my fingers, and I was sitting with my legs spread wide in front of the camera.

That first day I couldn’t get an orgasm in front of the camera, but my guest was already happy with what he saw. I suddenly realized that I had not experienced such frenzied excitement in the last few years! It seemed to me that if he came out of the screen right now and offered to fuck, I would pounce on his penis myself.

I looked at the toys, studying them and trying them one by one. Big ribbed dildos easily slid into my overexcited pussy, and small bullet vibrators tickled me so pleased that I was ready to scream! I also tried a warming gel for arousal, a small egg that could vibrate inside me.

I decided everything for myself – it will be my account, and I will not spoil it with sex with my husband. I will have sex with strangers on camera. As soon as my husband left the house, I sat down at the camera and met new guests. The most interesting thing is that I had absolutely no embarrassment! I thought that on the contrary, I wouldn’t even be able to undress, but meeting strangers immediately warmed me up and excited me. I felt this alluring tickle between my legs, which could only be removed by a massage with one of the new dildos.

A new life in the camera lens

In the nasty tasks of my guests, I found as much pleasure as I have never had. Each of them wanted something new and hot. Everyone came up with a special scenario for me.

Just a month later, I decided to move out and rented a small cozy studio in the center. I have already earned enough on the webcam to afford a good apartment and excellent equipment. Then I registered on another site called Camstreams, and also gave the most exclusive clients my Snapchat for private conversations.

It was an interesting experience of learning a new profession – I chose for myself what I was ready to do, and also knew exactly what I didn’t want. Although, there was very little that I would have refused to do in the heat of excitement. New pieces were added to the original collection of toys, and my pussy began to cum in front of the camera without any problems.

The guests gave me money and gifts, and asked for my address to send flowers, but no, no personal meetings! I even had regular web lovers who came almost on schedule, so my days were planned in advance – I knew how many orgasms I would get today, and how much money they would bring me.

What can I say – my life has changed, and everything superfluous has gone out of it. And a lot of new things have come to the vacant place! I didn’t even have as much sex in college as I have today and believe me, toys give me more pleasure than any cock.

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