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Solo Satisfaction: A Guide to Male Masturbation with Male Masturbators

Male masturbation no longer has to be the subject we avoid speaking about. Sure, it’s not something we should speak with our family about around the dinner table, but it’s no longer a taboo subject we should avoid completely. Male masturbation is more accepted in much the same way female masturbation has been for many years. However, have you ever considered spicing up your solo play via the use of a male sex toy? Or, specifically, a male masturbator? Well, in this guide, we take you through what you need to know if you’re planning on incorporating these male sex toys into your personal and private masturbation world.


Understanding the Appeal of Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are designed to enhance the stimulation you receive when masturbating. You can purchase these male sex toys offering a variety of different textures, tightness levels, and features. In many cases, they offer a realistic experience similar to enjoying sex with a partner.


Choosing the Right Male Masturbator

As there are so many male masturbators on the market, it’s not always easy knowing which will suit you the best. You need to ask yourself what you’re looking for. Are you looking for an automated device that does the work for you? Alternatively, perhaps you want a device that offers as realistic an experience as possible. Maybe compactness is something you’re seeking to make it easier to store and hide the device.

Preparing for your Solo Session

Assuming you have bought your male masturbator of choice, the next step is to set the scene. You want the environment to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Consider playing some music and ensure you’re fully unwinded and ready for what is coming next. Make sure you have some lubrication, as these toys can sometimes cause irritation and friction. Apply the lubrication to the device and yourself.

Get Started

Finally, you’re ready to start experiencing the heightened sensations a male masturbator can deliver. Start slowly so that you can fully experience these sensations. Also, try a few different techniques and perhaps experiment with the different settings of the male masturbator if it has them. You could also add some visual stimulation to aid the experience further. Erotic videos or a magazine can help with this.

Clean Up

To ensure good levels of hygiene, always clean the device after every use. Doing so will also prolong the life of the device. Most male masturbators are easy to clean, so just read the instructions on how to do this effectively.


Whether you’re bored of traditional male masturbation or just want to try new things, incorporating a male masturbator will certainly spice up your solo fun. You can use many models and devices, so start looking around on sites such as GetFleshy to decide which will suit your needs best. Don’t worry about anyone knowing what you’ve ordered either, as these are shipped in plain packaging without clues about what’s inside.

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