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Private HD Cams Model And a Bet I Was Happy To Lose

I’m a good looking guy, with a great job I love. Everybody seems to like me, from my family and friends to girls and gays who don’t know me. I also like betting a lot, but not with bookies. I like to bet with my friends. The bet for this week was to get a private HD cams model to go to dinner with me.

Although I rarely visit porn sites I was feeling comfortable about my bet. I mean how difficult it will be to take a cam model to dinner. I was thinking that all I had to do is register to mature cam website and find one of many models to take out. is I was working out the plan in my head one of my friends realized that I didn’t understand what the bet was.

The bet was that she had to take me to dinner not the other way around.

Nevertheless, I thought it wouldn’t be hard also. I mean I’m a great guy and everybody seems to like me. why should it be different now? I had a month to complete my task. And don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against webcam models. It was just dinner and nothing else. Dinner and a silly bet made by childhood friends.

On my way home I was thinking of how to get the model to get me out of dinner. She was not supposed to know and I didn’t want her to get hurt in any way. Getting somebody to ask you to go to dinner means that he or she would have to like you, maybe have feelings about you. the more I thought about this the more difficult it seemed. I had to approach this carefully so nobody would get hurt.

Getting To Know More About Private HD Cams

Although it was a weekend the next day I got up early. Made a cup of coffee, turned on my laptop and got comfortable on my couch. Even now I remember the first time I typed into the browser. I couldn’t believe how many models, beautiful models they had. The first few hours I spend just browsing through thousands and thousands of chat rooms, getting to know how these sites work.

It was my first time on webcam websites and I was amazed. Amazed and have to admit aroused.

Live sex webcam sites we’re completely different from regular porn sites. Models stream live, and the best thing is that you can interact with them. All you have to do is buy tokens you can tip them and pay for the private rooms. Spending more and more time on private HD cam I realised that before entering private rooms you should check out the model’s profile. Learn more about her, and figure out is she willing to do what you want her to.

I mean here you can find your own kinds of different types of girls. And not every one of them is willing to go as far as you want her to.

It took me two whole days before I finally chose a model. A gorgeous redhead model. She was in her mid-20s and had the most beautiful smile. You just had to love her. While performing in free chat rooms, she was teasing you.

She never took her clothes off all the way, making you wanna take her to a private room. I mean looking at her work, dancing and interacting with everyone so openly, she even made me forget about the bet. All I wanted is to be alone with her.

One On One With Mia a Private HD Cams Model

Waiting for the connection to be established I found myself a little bit nervous. It was a strange feeling for me because I rarely get nervous around girls. I think the reason I was so nervous is that in my mind I made her to be perfect and I thought after meeting her she wouldn’t be.

That she would only be a beautiful face and nothing else. How many times have your hopes fallen down the drain after meeting somebody you pictured differently than he or she actually?

I didn’t have time to think because there she was. Her beautiful face and smile are on my screen. Seeing her there and knowing I’m the only one that can see her made me so hot and so aroused I forgot about everything else.

She was wearing a tight shirt you could see tight small nipples through it and small shorts exposing her beautiful round butt. The only thing I was thinking about is that I had to get her out of her clothes immediately.

But as just as I was ready to get the action going, my phone started to ring. The friend I have made the bet with was calling me. I didn’t answer but I reminded myself why am I here for.

My goal was to get her to get to invite me to dinner. So the first thing I had to find out about her is that she’s really from New York likes she said so. Because what’s the point of getting somebody to invite you to dinner if you do not live in the same city.

Getting Mia a Private HD Cams Model to Like Me

So I put my sexual emotions aside and started chatting with her about everyday life trying to learn more about her so I could make her like me more. I had to be different than the other uses she has been with and after that take it to the next level. Make myself interesting to her so she would ask me out.

And it was not an easy task because she looked so hot and every piece of my body wanted her. First I had to stop thinking about sex, and all the kinky stuff I would like to do with her. Second I had to bring my A-game and third I had to take it slow. There was just no chance she would invite me out after a couple of meetings.

And so I did. For the next two weeks, I was spending hours in hours every day with Mia. Letting her fall for me. As I already told you I’m a likeable guy, I charm people easily and it doesn’t take them much getting them to trust me and like me.

But as she got to know me better I got to know her better. And let me tell you one thing she was special. she was even more than I thought of her. I was so fond of her and slowly but surely I was falling for her and her amazing smile.

She liked all the things I do, all the clubs I like, was so understanding and without prejudice. In one word she was all I was looking for from a girl. In one moment it’s got to a moral dilemma. Do the right thing without hurting her and without angering her.

Looking For Redemption On Private HD Cams

I had told the truth but on the other side, I was afraid she wouldn’t talk to me anymore. I made up my mind. Although having doubts well waiting for the connection to be established and especially the moment I saw her I had to do the right thing.

Seeing tears in her eyes just before she terminated our chat made me feel really bad. Maybe the worst in my life. Engaging in this stupid bet made me hurt a very good person. She didn’t deserve that and I knew it. So now I had to make things right.

The next two weeks I spent trying to make Mia forgive me. And I wasn’t alone I had help. When I told my friends what I had done and that the bet is off I got all the help I could from them. They’re all registered to private HD cams. And tried to make her forgive me.

And just as I was preparing to give up she contacted me, just a message on my monitor. “Meet me tomorrow at 8 for dinner, I don’t want you to miss out on your bet”.

I could see that she was angry but nevertheless she agreed to meet me. That meant that I had a chance for forgiveness. And this time it’ll be a lot easier because all I had to do is be honest with Mia.

It never took long for a day to pass. I was waiting in front of her favourite restaurant thinking that she would stand me up and return the favour. But obviously, she wasn’t like me because there she was.

Private HD Cams Model Forgiveness

Just couldn’t believe she looked even more beautiful than on camera. Only the smile was gone, but that was why we were here. Getting Mia’s smile back on. It took me 15 minutes before she spoke to me, but when she did she allowed me to show her that I am really the guy she spent two weeks chatting with and the only thing I haven’t told her is about that stupid bet I made.

And that I am the same guy she got to like. And so bit by bit she forgave me. She asked me to come near to her as she wanted to whisper something to me. And that whisper turned into an unforgettable kiss. A kiss I would remember for the rest of my life. What forgiveness I’ve got. And the best part was that it wasn’t over. There was still much to come.

After finishing dinner we went for a long walk, just waiting for a moment for our next kiss. At one moment she took my phone and dial my best friend telling him that I have won the bet. And as plus I would get the most amazing and unforgettable night of my life.

The moment she hang up the phone we jumped at each other, taking the first cab back to her home.

Making Love With Mia a Cams Model

We stormed into her apartment, taking our clothes off as fast as we could. I was waiting for this for a long time, from the first moment I saw her. And by the way, she was acting I guess she was too. She threw herself onto me squeezing me hard-throwing wild kisses all over me.

I took her to the couch, slowly putting her down. She had the softest skin I have ever touched. I was so aroused I couldn’t control myself. She was just perfect from head to toes. I wanted to kiss and lick every part of your body I was so lost in her.

She was curling and twisting and moaning like she haven’t had sex for a long time.

I felt the same way. Although I wanted our pre-sexual activities to last a lot longer I couldn’t control my sexual desires. My cock was hard as a rock, I had to put it in her, into her beautiful tight pussy.

So I got up and placed her legs around me, gently coming into her. The feeling was amazing, it was like I was waiting for this whole life.

We were taking it slowly, I wanted to feel every part of her body glued to mine. Feeling her legs squeezing harder and harder. Her nipples went up and down my chest, feeling her wet juicy kisses, her teeth biting my lips.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and neither could she. We started fucking each other as hard as we could. It became so wild and so hot, turning around changing positions, doing all kinds of kinky stuff. And saving the best for the last, coming together.

Beautiful Mia a Private Cams Model

After spending all night having amazing sex, I woke up quite late, not finding Mia in the bed. In my experience that meant that she was waiting for me to leave. but once again I was wrong.

Because 5-minutes later I was having breakfast in bed. the best breakfast of my life. And maybe the best girl of my life. What else would you want from a girl?

So after reading my experience with a private HD cams model please go out there and don’t try to make you’re live webcam experience.

Maybe next time you won’t be reading about me, maybe I will be reading about you.

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