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Nights in a motel with a private HD cam model

I was far from home, but I will never forget these nights because I met Love_1279. I do not know her real name (and I never will), and I do not know anything about her at all except that she is one of the sexiest and most incredible women in my life.

Nights in a motel with a private HD cam model 3
Nights in a motel with a private HD cam model 3

I met her on a private HD cams and have been thinking about her a lot since then, but I couldn’t find her anymore. It’s a pity that I didn’t offer her a real meeting, everything could have turned out completely differently. Perhaps she will recognize herself and her job in this story, or someone will realize that he also spent an unforgettable evening with her.

Nights in a motel with a private HD cam model 2
Nights in a motel with a private HD cam model 2

A trip to New Orleans and even further

I had to go on a business trip far into Louisiana, and my trip fell on the rainiest month of the year. We had passed New Orleans a long time ago and were going somewhere to a city that has no name. I was on the bus, and I stopped looking for road signs an hour ago.

Two days ago I had a quarrel with a girl, and she screamed that I should not return from my trip. However, when I called her from the airport, she had already calmed down a little. First her period, then the quarrel, then this trip – we haven’t had sex for 8 days, and I felt like I was starting to go crazy.

I always thought that my heightened sexuality would pass by the age of 25, but I am already 35 years old and I still think about sex every day. Maybe this was the reason for our quarrel, because I want not just sex, but also experiments.

My girlfriend just can’t satisfy all my desires, and more and more often she began to stay with her parents at night. I wanted us to fantasize more and remove the borders – I wanted something new in bed.

Nights in a motel with a private HD cam model 1
Nights in a motel with a private HD cam model 1

Motel “On my way” and my first sex for 8 days

I don’t even remember how I paid, took the key, and went to my room at the Motel. It was still daytime, but the sky was gray from the rain, and everything around became dirty and incredibly colorless. I slept for 4 hours and then ventured out to the gas station to buy a sandwich and coffee.

I had no idea how long it would take, and I wanted only one thing – this trip to end as soon as possible. Next to the gas station, I saw 3 prostitutes laughing and smoking, hiding under the roof of a summer cafe. They also looked wet and colorless, like everything around me.

Their mascara was running under their eyes, and their kinky fake leather shoes were gray with dust. They were exactly the same, even the hair color was one for three. I stared at them for so long that one of the triplets noticed my gaze and came to me. Do I want to have sex, she doesn’t charge much, she knows how to fuck, it’s Louisiana.

I wanted to answer her, but then I thought that my balls have been burning for 8 days, and I’m definitely waiting for another 5-6 without sex. I invited her to the motel room with me, listening to the stifled laughter of her friends – they were unlucky today.

Sex for money is not love, but only a job

She entered and immediately began to undress, taking off her short dress. She was naked under it, and I could see that her skin was also soaked by the constant rain. She even seemed to say her name, but I didn’t pay attention.

She had small boobs, but the sight of a naked female body immediately aroused me. I considered myself a loyal guy and did not cheat on the girl I was with at that time. And it’s always been that way, so this little adventure has become something special for me.

She came up to me, put her hand on my boner, and started to unzip my pants. I looked at the clock – 6 pm, so I have 1 hour to empty my balls into this pussy for money.

She got on her knees, took my cock in her mouth, and started to suck it with quick, slightly aggressive movements. Yes, this is not love, but a professional part – she works out her time and money. After a couple of minutes, I pushed her away and turned her back to me. My wet cock entered her easily, and her pussy seemed wider than I expected.

A new idea from my casual acquaintance

I came even faster than I expected. But, I didn’t really like sex with a prostitute – it was as colorless as everything else here. She put herself in my hands completely for this hour, without resisting, without showing emotions. She just sold me her hole and invited me to do whatever I wanted with it.

Before she left, she told me that one of her friends works for privatehdcams, and she is also thinking about switching to an online format, rather than going to gas stations and motels in search of money.

When she left my room, I opened my laptop and started looking for this site. Thoughts about sex on the Internet aroused me again because with this amoeba I did not get even half of the satisfaction I expected. I still wanted sex, even after I emptied my balls.

Meeting with Love on private HD cams

I’ve been on sites like this before, on, for example, but when I started living with a girl, I abandoned these entertainments. Now I remembered that this pleasure can be completely unpredictable and therefore much more exciting.

Here you can find anything: for any fetish, you will find a girlfriend who will be ready to please you. Of course, for a tip, but it’s better to give money for something worthwhile.

I was flipping through the pages until I came to Love_1279, who somehow attracted me among hundreds of photos of girls. She was online, sitting in front of the camera completely naked, playing with a big dildo, throwing it from one hand to the other.

She spread her legs in front of the camera, and I could see that her pussy was excited, very wet, and waiting for her to finally finish a play with this giant and start using her toy. But, she was clearly waiting for someone to break down and call her to a private room.

Our conversation is getting too personal

I texted her, and she immediately replied to me, putting the dildo aside. She agrees to talk to me right now! And now we were just the two of us in front of the camera, and she became an island of light in the middle of a gloomy and wet evening at my motel.

She started teasing herself with a dildo, slapping it on her breasts, pussy, lips! I asked her to take it into her mouth, and she immediately obediently agreed, showing me how she knows how to suck a cock. That’s what I wanted – passionately, deeply, slowly, using the tongue and lips, and hands! And not at all the blowjob I got just an hour ago.

Spittle flowed from her mouth, and it seemed to me that she was looking straight into my eyes at that moment. I saw that it was light in her room – the sunlight was falling on the bed. The dildo was wet and entered her very easily, making the girl cry out with pleasure. I imagined myself in the place of this plastic device and my cock immediately turned to stone again.

She gave herself up to passion, fucking herself, and at the same time took a vibrator in her hand, adding pleasure to her clit. Her face was beautiful at that moment, I could see that these were genuine emotions, she was not faking it – she really felt good.

She bathed in the rays of the sun, which caressed her firm nipples, and tender belly, and the vibrator made her shudder every few seconds.

The first peaceful night this week

After chatting and having a joint orgasm with a privatehdcams girl, I immediately fell asleep, without even turning off my laptop. That’s what I needed – to see her desire and pleasure, and I could literally feel her pussy squeezing on her hefty black dildo.

She told me at the end that I could come tomorrow because she would have a new show every day. At the same time tomorrow, and then she will show me something completely new.

I was sleeping, and I dreamed that I came to the sunny room of Love_1279, and we had sex. I was everywhere – in all her holes, and she screamed in my ear, squeezing me with her legs and arms.

The next day I had a lot of work to do, and I got to the hotel room only in the evening. After all, I felt excited all day – it was as if my body had woken up and I felt alive again after a long sleep.

The second night in the Love_1279 room

She was waiting for visitors again, but this time she was wearing a leather corset and stockings. She was a BDSM Mistress who was ready to accept a slave for service.

I looked at her for a few minutes – beautiful green eyes, dark hair to the waist, and delicate skin, shining in the sun. She was somewhere where it was still day, warm, maybe even in another country. There was not a word in her profile about where she came from and what her name was.

We were alone again, but this time her voice was harsh. She ordered me to kneel in front of the camera, lower my head and not touch myself. She wanted to see my hands all the time, and it was forbidden to touch my cock at all!

She took out a device and I even whistled – a real Fuck Machine! Metal construction equipped with a large dildo for double penetration. She told me that I dare not touch myself until she lets me.

My Love_1279 turned on this metal monster, and it began to move back and forth quickly while she settled under it. I can imagine how deep it can go, I was even a little afraid that this monster would damage her pussy! My girl put lubricant to her pussy and asshole, and then lifted her ass, allowing the Fuck Machine to enter her sharply from both sides.

My punishment for insubordination

I was on my knees, watching as the machine tore her holes, hitting her without rest, and the girl arched her back, wanting to get as deep as possible onto these 2 hefty dildos.

I even forgot that I promised not to touch myself, but a transparent sweet foam of lubricant appeared on her pussy, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I just forgot about everything except her pussy and began to jerk off, leaning with my other hand on the bed.

Love immediately noticed this and screamed loudly, started waving her arms. She screamed, through the sighs and creaking of her metal fucker, that she did not allow me to touch myself at all, that I should be punished. She ordered me to slap myself in the face, and I did it in excitement but did not stop jerking off.

My Love tried to start scolding me again, but then her eyes closed, she moaned loudly and finished, and the Machine still continued to fuck her in a frenzied rhythm. I saw her smiling, but she tried to turn off the metal monster with weak hands.

The third night with a private HD cams model

And again I hurried to her through the rain and road dust of Louisiana. There were internet problems at the motel, but after an hour I still managed to get to the website and see her again. This time she was no longer alone – there was another girl with her.

Her partner was wearing a mask, and at the waist of Love_1279 I saw a strap. This time she was completely different, as she promised me on the first night. Something new every day, something unexpected and wildly sexy.

She gently stroked her partner, making her moan with pleasure. She put her hands on her juicy breasts, caressing the nipples with her fingers and tongue. The girl was whispering something, but I couldn’t hear it – I just fantasized that she was asking me to enter her as soon as possible. Or vice versa, do not rush, continuing these sweet caresses.

My model went down, teasing her friend’s clitoris, spreading her labia with her tongue. Yes, it was different, exactly the way I would like it to be. I would like my girlfriend to be just like that – wild, completely unpredictable in bed, so that there are no restrictions.

I saw her partner’s clit getting bloodshot and enlarged, becoming firm and red. Only then Love get on her knees and inserted a strapon into her. I’ve never seen a girl do that! Her movements were not like a man’s at all, but her partner obviously liked them very much.

Girls know how to have fun

And again, as soon as her friend started moaning and getting ready to cum, she took out the strapon. She did not let her cum for, I think, the 5th time, bringing the girl to a scream of excitement. I stopped every time, letting myself relax.

Her friend’s pussy was wet and the liquid was oozing out of her non-stop. Love_1279 dipped her fingers into a wet pussy, and began gently massaging the girl’s asshole. She entered it slowly, stopping every few seconds. Then her friend could not stand it, and she leaned forward, putting herself entirely on the dildo.

She gave her the opportunity to move, bringing herself to orgasm, and in the end, entered her with fingers, and a friend screamed, clutching her head. She was saying something in Spanish, and now I understand it. Where were they? Somewhere in the states, in Mexico, or in Europe?

It was our the last meeting via the internet

I’m sorry, but it really was our last meeting. I returned home, and I was incredibly happy – I felt such emptiness, which brought me peace. For the first time in a few days, I didn’t want sex at all, and my balls stopped burning.

But, I had received a very unpleasant surprise – her profile disappeared from the site. Perhaps she switched to some other site, or maybe for some reason she ended her career. I will never know what happened, or who she is – my virtual mistress with an incredible fantasy.



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