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My Old Love Became a Rich Private HD Cams Model

Meeting of the graduates 7 years later – I’ve been waiting for it for so long! Due to work, I was forced to move far from my Alma Mater, and it was almost impossible to keep in touch with friends. And so, we met, and most importantly – I saw the one that I loved since the first year.

The most painful thing was that she still doesn’t pay any attention to me, and she also took up private HD cams work! But, even worse, all my friends not only knew about it but also used her for free porn and kinky sex all these years. I can’t go home without tasting this baby.

My sex addicted Love became a rich private HD cams model

Meeting friends 7 years later

7 years have passed since I graduated from the University of Dallas, and almost immediately I moved to Portland for work. It was a great job offer by an old friend of my father, and while my friends were looking for a job, I had already started going to the office every day. There is only one problem – we have practically lost contact with good friends.

It was very hard for me also because I was in love from the first year – Christina was one of the most beautiful girls in the whole university. In her third year, she received the crown of the Queen of the University. I tried many times to start a relationship with her, but she was too cold and just polite to me.

Returning to Texas, I hoped that it was not too late and I could try to get her heart now that things had changed. My career was great, I made good money, and I planned to have a family now.

An honest conversation with a friend

I met friends and for the first couple of hours, we just chatted about everything that had changed in our lives. And then I asked my friend about Christina, does he know something about her? Will she come today, and do I have a chance 7 years later?
He looked at me for a long moment, then called other guys and patted me on the shoulder.

“You’ve been in love with her for so many years, and we hoped that after 7 years in Portland you would have a girlfriend, and maybe even a wife. And you will forget about Christina because she is absolutely not worth you.

You have to understand that she is not at all what you think she is. Before graduation, she slept with half of our University. We just cherished your feelings and didn’t want to upset you, friend.

I think she worked vis for many years, and many guys jerked off looking at her. How could you not know all this crap – is a mystery for me. But after graduation, she completely switched to this strange online job. She has always been just a whore who is not worthy of you.”

To say that I was shocked is the least that could be done in this creepy situation. All the guys got her pussy, but for some reason, I didn’t? What’s going on, maybe it’s just some stupid joke.

My love is really addicted to sex

That evening, I asked other guys, they all confirmed that they all slept with her. Several girls told me that Christina was just addicted to sex – she loved cocks, talked about them all the time.

She slept with guys at the disco at the University, and many knew about it – they just lined up to fuck in the toilet. She could not refuse guys when they pressed her against the wall. But I was always kind to her, I never dared to lay a finger on her.

Christina even slept with some of the teachers and my friend confirmed it. He walked into the office while Mr. Wins was fucking her on his desk without even moving students’s works. And Christina looked so happy getting his old cock.

The guys brought her to their campus, letting her suck in turns. Everyone knew that she was really addicted to sex, she is a sexaholic who cannot live a day without looking for a new boyfriend for her pussy. And all this time I lived in illusions about her.

A conversation with my first love

She still lived in the city and I just wanted to find her. If this is some kind of cruel joke, I will never talk to my friends again. If they all conspire and prepared a prank for me, they will never be a part of my life again.

Christina lived in a beautiful house with a swimming pool and a huge garage. I stood in front of the door and did not dare to ring the doorbell. What if all this turned out to be true, and she really gave her pussy to everyone who asked for it? Lyrics from Tom Jones song came to my mind, and I thanked the Universe that there was no knife in my hand.

She did not immediately recognize me when she opened the door and smiled at me. I said I decided to see her anyway, she was not at the reunion party. Christina invited me to the house, and I was amazed at how chic it is inside. There was excellent furniture, paintings, and art objects. It feels like I’m in a gallery.

She looked at me with a kind of sad smile and offered me a drink. She told me that she was ready to tell everything from the very beginning.

Christina and her sex mania

She knew perfectly well how I felt about her, but she understood that she could not give me the same. Yes, Christina realized quite early that she was constantly thinking about sex, she wanted to fuck, change partners, try something new. And it was not the usual desire to make love, but rather a mania.

By the end of her first year, she had tried every cock in a student’s campus she could get. The guys told their friends that there is such a girl who never refuses. They could meet her in the cafeteria, treat her with a coffee, and then take her to the toilet and take turns fucking right in the cabin.

Some of them did not even want to treat her with a drink or give her something, they immediately dragged her into their car. When she saw his naked ready penis, she could no longer think with her head. Her pussy was constantly wet and she didn’t miss a single opportunity to get sex.

At some moment, she realized that it was impossible to live like this – Christina spent all her summer holidays in rehabilitation. But even there, she managed to seduce a doctor and several orderlies. Someone advised her live sex cams – at least she would be safe.

She knew that I loved her and did not know all this hell that happened to her. I had good friends who hid the truth. I was the only person in the city who did not know about her real life, which consisted of cocks and sperm. Yes, and she could not be with me – she wanted different men, constantly new ones. Why would she break my heart if she wasn’t a monster?

The last chance to fuck your love

I suggested that she give up everything and move to Portland with me. Perhaps we can find another rehab program for her and we can be together? I couldn’t believe that everyone really got her, but I never even hugged Christina.

She refused, saying that nothing could be changed, and I needed to accept her for who she is. But, I wasn’t ready to back down this time – I was no longer the inexperienced boy I was 7 years ago.

I looked at the floor, and then abruptly turned around and twisted Christina’s arm. She screamed and tried to break free, but I held her very tightly. I pushed her onto the couch and she fell like a rag doll. I stood over her, unbuttoning my pants, I was going to fuck her here and now.

I took out my cock and offered it to her – let her take it in her mouth by her own initiative or I will rape her. But, at that moment I was ready to even for crimes. Christina looked into my eyes, and opened her wet lips, taking it. She kept looking into my eyes, and I felt how skillfully she caressed my dick with her tongue.

Finally, I got what everyone had

In just a couple of minutes, she changed – Christina was aroused. Yes, now I understood what my friends were talking about. She couldn’t resist her nature, and now, if I suddenly changed my mind, she would beg me to fuck her.

She sucked my dick like it was all she needed from life. Her tongue and fingers were incredibly skillful and quick. I was afraid that I would finish before time, without having tasted her pussy.

Christina finally pulled it out of her mouth, and quickly lifted her skirt, showing me her cunt. She was wet and excited, and I immediately thought about all those hundreds of cocks that had been in it. Or maybe there were thousands of them, over the past 7 years she did not stop her acquaintances with random passers-by.

She was a fan of livesex, so this amazing cunt was seen by people from all over the world on camera. She couldn’t wait for me to touch her and started rubbing her clit furiously, closing her eyes in pleasure. I grabbed her by the neck and with a quick movement entered her to the full length.

I felt my balls hit her ass and I finally felt what I had been dreaming of for so long. She was now only mine and did not belong to anybody else.

I’m far from being the first here, and far from the first 100

Despite all those cocks that had been inside her, Christina’s pussy was tight and tender. I ripped her T-shirt, wanting to get to her boobs. Medium-sized but with large sensual nipples, they were firm and dark and demanded that I touch them.

I squeezed them in my fingers and Christina moaned loudly as she pushed herself on my cock. She behaved like now with everyone, I understood that. She liked sex, but not the one who’s dick she was pulling on right now. But I was so hoping that I could do something for her that all the other men did not. But how could I find something like that?

Their hands, tongues, cocks, and who knows what else has already been in all her holes. I easily entered her anus, it was already quite stretched. I fucked her, realizing that before me she was fucked by many guys whom I know well. They stretched her, filled her with sperm, she didn’t even remember who fucked her and who didn’t.

My friends shared many stories with me about her and I couldn’t listen to them anymore. Four of my friends fucked her in the garage together, impaling her with cocks from all sides.

The last time I try to convince her to go with me

I offered her the last time to leave it all and just go with me, but she refused. Christina told me that it’s been 2 years since she switched to working in live sex. This business brought her very good money and saved her from this irrepressible desire to fuck.

In fact, I was the first person she had slept with for the last year. She decided for herself that there would be only sex on the webcam. She was already well known in the city, but so far she could not move.

She spends more time in her house, and she no longer has friends. The girls despised her, and the men didn’t want to just stop by for coffee. She did everything to make the house comfortable for constant living alone.

Christina on live sex and our love through web cam

She said that she was grateful to me because all these years I was the one who simply loved her. Of course, if I knew what she was doing, I probably would have immediately thrown her out of my head. And she is glad that I came to her, and that I finally got everything I wanted.

I was relieved too when I left her house. I wasn’t the first to fuck her, but so far I’ve been the last.

I began to visit her in a private chat, but we were just talking. Sometimes I ask her to show me how she pleases herself, but this happens less and less. I think I understood something about her, but I can’t change anything. Perhaps in another 7 years, I will come to the reunion again and we will talk about a new chance for a new life.

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