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My dream girl was accidentally found on PrivateHDCams

A few years ago, I literally fell in love with a porn star, and after that, I started looking for girls who look like her. I even went to her homeland, but all this trip brought me only disappointment.

One day I met a girl who looked exactly like my dream – I found her on the privatehdcams website. I’ve heard such stories happen to many, but I didn’t believe it would happen to me! I realized one after another my sex fantasies with this hot Cuban girl and even offered her something more than just sex on webcam.

Such stories happen only once in a million, but they still happen. And most importantly – this story is not over yet!

My dream girl was accidentally found on PrivateHDCams 1

Fall in love with a porn star once and forever

A few years ago, I finally said “goodbye” to working in the office and moved to work remotely from home. It was before the pandemic started, so it didn’t bring practically anything new into my life – I just kept ordering food from restaurants, making deliveries of goods and everything I may need at home.

And then I began to devote a lot of time to chat with models via webcam. It turned out to be as convenient as restaurant delivery – always hot pussies, every day a new juicy girl on my private menu!

I’ve always had a dream – I once saw the actress Valerie Kay and realized that she imagines the ideal of a woman for me. Perfect face shape, long black hair, appetizing big breasts, and a narrow waist.

Originally from Cuba, she is not so tall at all, but it makes her even more feminine and desirable. She is so flexible, and her eyes seemed to look only at me in any movie, in any photo of her, I swear!

I watched all her films and was looking forward to the release of new ones. I fell in love with a porn star, what else can I say. He wanted only her, and at that time he stopped dating girls who were not like her.

Having sex with another short Cuban woman with black hair, I mentally compared them. I fucked girls and thought they were completely different from my ideal.

My dream girl was accidentally found on PrivateHDCams 2

A trip to Cuba and a new quest

A new idea was a trip to Havana, for some reason it seemed to me that it was there that I would meet her, or anyone who would look like her. On the first evening, I was walking around the old town and saw two girls, one of them throwing her straight black hair behind her back.

She had a juicy ass under short shorts, and a sensual mouth, I immediately imagined her taking my cock into those juicy lips. It wasn’t so difficult to get to know her, the girl agreed to have a drink with me at the bar where Che Guevara was working at his typewriter.

Although, in Havana, such a legend for tourists exists in every bar, to be honest. People of all nationalities and ages danced around us, there was a smell of sweet-spicy sweat, rum, sun, chocolate, and music.

I gave her a drink, and when she started laughing louder, I slowly put my hand under her shorts, caressing her pussy with my fingers. I immediately noticed that her pussy was covered with curly hair, and this disappointed me a little.

I dreamed of a smooth chocolate pussy, like in the photos of my Star. But, it wasn’t her, but only her shadow. I continued to caress her, and the girl, I think her name was Adriana, passionately whispered to me Por favor, sigue, sigue…

My dream girl was accidentally found on PrivateHDCams 3

The night that disappointed me

We hurried through the narrow streets of the city, making our way to her apartment. By that time I had already realized that she was not much like my dream, but I followed her.

She pulled me up the stairs, and already in front of the apartment she suddenly unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her juicy young tits. Adriana playfully snuggled up to me, and continued to chat in Spanish. She quickly unbuttoned my pants right on the stairwell, and grabbed my dick, sighing passionately.

I knocked on her door, but she playfully waved her finger, kneeling down. For a moment I saw in the darkness the face of my fantasy Goddess, her smile and passionate dark eyes, and my excited cock plunged into her mouth. And then the real Adriana was in her place again…

Someone started climbing the stairs, and my half-drunk girlfriend jumped up laughing, dragging me into her apartment. It was a small studio with an excessively large bed, but she pulled me out on the balcony, throwing off her shorts.

There was a mattress and a wonderful view of the Catedral de San Cristóbal. She fell on her back, spreading her legs so that I could enjoy the view of her fluffy dark pussy with a swollen hot clit.

I didn’t find what I was looking for in Havana

I fucked her three or four times during the night, but still, this night disappointed me. This girl was really hot, and there were no prohibitions for her. Yes, it’s worth paying tribute to her – she knew what she wanted and what kind of pleasure she could get.

When I was tired, she would climb on top of me and ride my dick like an Amazon. She let me get her ass, and my fingers were in her thick juice, smelling of her for a very long time. There were several deep scratches on my back from her nails, and yet – it wasn’t “her”.

I decided that the whole idea was stupid, even though I was getting a young juicy pussy in the best traditions of a good porno movie.

Searches on private HD cams and a sudden find

It took a few more days before I went to privatehdcams and I began to look lazily through new and old faces. One of them made me wake up – it was her! No, of course, it wasn’t exactly Valerie, but the girl looked like her as if they were sisters.

I went into her profile – she is 2 years younger, but the same height, and she has the same gorgeous dark hair and dimples on her cheeks. Well, she could have been her little sister – they were so similar! She wasn’t online at the time, and I was just studying her photos and information.

It seemed to me that life really played with some new colors for me, I found a girl who was her! Someone might say that I was obsessed with the image, maybe it was.

Or maybe after meeting her, these magic spells will subside, and I will stop looking for her in all other girls. She appeared that evening, but literally, immediately she was taken to private. I hated that lucky guy who is with her now!

We finally met with Aphrodite

I visited her profile a few more times that day, but she was busy. It seems she was even more popular than I thought, or maybe I wasn’t the only one who was in love with a famous porn actress and found this Beauty?

Her nickname was Aphrodite – slightly pompous and funny, but I know on such sites girls try to come up with as interesting nicknames as possible. She danced to some cheerful fast music in her underwear – even her body reminded me of my idol.

I knew her body well from all the movies and photos that I watched and reviewed. I immediately invited her to a private chat until someone else took this poppet with him again. Those lovely cheeks, big dark eyes, soft lips… She looked at me with a smile and asked how she could please me today.

She was stroking her bare boobs in front of me. She asked if I wanted her to take off her bra, or did I want to play like this? I said that I would like to see her naked, and she began to undress slowly and playfully. I understood that she was dragging out the session, but I didn’t care at that moment, and I just enjoyed the fact that she was talking to me!

Yes, her pussy was smooth like silk – not a single hair on her body! I leaned back in my chair and asked her to caress herself the way she was used to, as it gives her pleasure. Then she playfully took out a small vibrator and offered to connect, so I could control its vibrations and send them to her whenever I liked.

I used to use such toys at a distance with girls, but this time I was ready to give everything so that a toy vibrates constantly, giving her pleasure. I told her that she was so beautiful, and described every inch of her body, examining and comparing her with my ideal. She was perfect – even her nipples and horny pussy were the same as hers. I could have sworn she even smelled the same!

The agreement about dressing up game

When she came in front of the camera from my words and the vibration of her toy, she lay there for a while and laughed, continuing to tease her nipples and clit with her fingers. Her pussy was wet and the lube was foaming on it – I wanted so much to lick her and bring her to orgasm again and again!

I asked her to meet the next day online, but she would have to dress like my star in one of the movies – ripped jeans, a tight white T-shirt, and no underwear! Earrings with big rings, flowing hair, and nasty red lipstick! She agreed without asking questions.

When I called her in private the next day, she was already in a chosen dress. And even more, looks like my dream. Without taking off her T-shirt, she took out her big boobs and left them free in the cleavage. She held the camera so close that I could see her nipples and the firm skin of her bits.

I finally found what I was looking for on private hd cams

Soon the jeans were on the floor, and my Aphrodite took a big dildo offering it to me. I agreed that this is what I want to see in all her holes. First, a pink vibro-egg went into her pussy, which I could control, and then this hefty dick.

Her red lips curved as she moaned, fucking herself with a big dildo. She didn’t even need lubrication – her pussy already became instantly wet from strong constant vibrations – I didn’t leave her vagina alone, and I didn’t give it a rest.

Soon I saw that she was stroking her ass every now and then with the head of a dildo, then with a finger. She wants this giant to enter her asshole – so what is she waiting for? I said I wanted to see something big in her ass, and she immediately prepared another dildo.

First, she dipped him in her sweet honey pot, and when he became wet, she slowly put it into her asshole, bending and moaning. It was such sweet torture to look at her, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the monitor screen.

I moved to a new level with her

I decided that I would do something that I had never done on a private hd cam before – I would turn on the camera. I really wanted her to see me too! At our next meeting, I asked her to put on a short dress and make herself 2 ponytails on her head, imitating one of my favorite movies.

She didn’t mind me turning on the camera, and I switched it on. She smiled at me – now it’s definitely me because she saw me. She immediately said that since I was looking at her naked, she also wanted to see me naked. I didn’t expect this, but why not – I quickly pulled off my pants and T-shirt. And my dick felt that beauty was looking at him and immediately stood up to greet her.

She had a new toy – a dildo that could be attached directly to the wall, so she could have sex doggy style. She lifted her dress and immediately strung herself on this big embossed penis for the whole length. She moaned, trying to move faster – she liked it, I saw! She danced on this dick, shook her ass, caressing herself deeply and in the way she liked.

Her hands then touched the clit, then stroked the nipples, then straightened her hair. She jumped off the dildo, and then attacked him again with her wet hungry pussy, sighing and screaming.

So far, our last conversation…

Next time I wanted to talk to her seriously – and no sex! But this little sweet devil was lying naked, laughing and caressing herself, exciting me with her chic body. She looked into my eyes and stroked herself where I dreamed of touching her. I invited her to come to me – I’ll buy a ticket! Or to tell me where I can find her – I’ll come tomorrow!

I didn’t tell her why she was the one and so important, but I just said I had to meet her, and not by webcam. I imagined what it would be like to meet her in reality and make love. She refused me, saying that she was a model, not an escort girl, and not a whore.

I just found out that her name is Louise, and that her parents ran away from Cuba when she was very young. And now they have a diner – homemade Cuban food somewhere in the states.

Well, I gave her time – 2 days to think. And I started Googling all the Cuban restaurants in the states. I accidentally found her on the website, so why can’t I accidentally see her in a photo of a cute little restaurant? I will find this hot pussy and come for her, even if I have to travel to every city in every state!


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