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Model on private HD cams – once and forever job

I met her on a private HD cam, we talked for a long time and decided that we were made for each other. It may sound trite, but that’s how it was for us. We like the same movies, we share the same hobbies, and we love the same things about sex.

That’s how we found each other when we started chatting, then moved on to chatting through the camera. And gradually came to strip games and very frank conversations. But, nevertheless, once a webcam model is a model forever.

I tried to change my girlfriend, but I realized that she is in love with her job. And she needs sex in front of the camera not just as earnings, but as entertainment, as the meaning of her life.

We have met for fun, but I fell in love

Sometimes I went to chat rooms and cam websites, but I can’t say that I was very enthusiastic. Some girls just wanted to swindle money out of clients and did not even show them their naked ankles. Just looking at their deep decollete is not at all what I want to pay for.

But, a year ago, I met an incredible girl! I was immediately attracted by the fact that she was at the same time sexual and simply charming, incendiary beauty and loves just a human communication.

We could chat about movies with her, and she would seduce me with her naked legs, slightly showing me her pussy. And then she laughed, parodying herself, and laughing that she did not at all look like the heroine of the “Basic Instinct”, which she was now trying to play.

She told me that she is a very bad private model. I guess it was easier for me to believe that it was just a job than that it was her hobby to undress in front of men.

We decided to be together

I was the first to suggest that she give up her old profession. We can be together and be happy, and she will belong only to me. At that moment, my Beloved happily agreed to this.

I met her at the Florida airport and we drove down the coast to our new home. This was our first real meeting after 1.5 years of talking via the Internet and having sex on a private HD cam, which no longer suited me.

I was driving her from the airport when she put my hand on her bare thigh and suggested not to wait until we got home. We pulled off the road and stopped in a deserted place. She was not only very beautiful but also completely fearless.

Her name was Victoria, and she was only 25 years old, and I was 32 years old. She untied her dress, leaving her completely naked in front of me. I have seen her naked body before, but it has never been so close to me. We were not limited by the space of the chat room or the camera lens.

Victoria sat on the hood of the car, leaning back, inviting me to look at her. At that moment, I did not think that someone would see us, or even pass by. I immediately came to her, and did what I had dreamed of for so long – I passionately stuck my mouth to her pussy.

Our long way to home

The sun burned my back as we made love in this deserted place. She wanted me so much that she couldn’t remain peaceful. She then squeezed me with her legs, then became soft and supple, allowing me to do whatever I want with her body.

Victoria was not just wet but turned into a sexy waterfall. I moved in her very quickly, periodically slipping out of her pussy, and getting into her second sweet hole. Every movement of my hips she perceived with delight.

I rolled her over, pressing her chest against the dusty hood of the car. Both of her holes were looking at me, demanding my cock. A small rain began, and our bodies were covered with fine road dust, but we did not even notice it.

Her blond hair spread across the red surface of my car, my hands left light streaks on her back. I finished in her infinity later, under her sweet moans. I had the feeling that at that moment I made her mine, only mine.

An offer that surprised me

After a couple of months of our life together, for the first time, she offered me to film our sex on camera. Just such things turned her on, and it is not necessary to put this video on the Internet. We can just keep it as our own porn movie.

She set up the camera and pressed the start button. Victoria immediately changed, and at that moment something stirred in my soul. She knew exactly how to present herself in front of the camera. The dressing gown was removed in a flirtatious movement, and she came to me so that her delicious ass, and then her excited breasts, got into the camera.

She glanced over her shoulder at the camera as she settled down near my feet and sat in profile. My cock got into her mouth, and at that moment I began to slowly forget about the camera. Her tongue played with the head of my cock, drawing circles on it. She sucked it into her mouth, and then let it out, caressing my balls.

Victoria has always been passionate and insatiable in sex, and in these first two months, we fucked constantly. But, now in front of the camera, she was in the role of an even more passionate and insatiable woman.

Then, when I rewatched it, it seemed to me that she was constantly playing for the camera. Her looks, movements, grimaces of pleasure on her face – everything is a little more cinematic than in ordinary life.

Our camera games continue

Viktoria had a good HD camera and the next time she offered me a close-up private video of her pussy. I will put her very close, and I will satisfy her with tongue and toys. When I was covered in her juice and my fingers were inside her pussy, I looked into the camera – it glanced at me unblinkingly.

I quickly penetrated her with two fingers, not stopping teasing her clitoris with my tongue. she stroked my hair, begging me not to stop. I took one of her vibrators and inserted it into her asshole, turning it up to the maximum vibration frequency. Her whole pussy shook and Vicki screamed loudly.

After she came sweetly under my tongue, she suddenly did something that I did not expect. She took the camera, brought it to her face, and showed a “V” sign with her fingers. Then I began to doubt that these videos were being shot only for us.

The first deception of beloved Vicky

Vicki admitted that she sent the video to a friend, a former co-worker in the job. They occasionally performed together and hosted a lesbian show for their clients. She just wanted to show her how good she was and just remind her of those days.

I was shocked because that girl could easily put it on the Internet, show someone my face with her pussy in close-up. What if my colleagues or relatives see it? Vicki apologized, even cried. She did not think that this was even possible, and in front of me, she asked her friend to delete the video.

Several times when I was in the office, she sent me short videos and photos of her masturbating. Okay, a lot of couples do it, but now every single sex video of her made me dread it.

She can’t leave what her web job

One day I had to return home in the middle of the day – I forgot my documents for work. I quietly opened the door and heard her talking to someone and laughing. I did not want to disturb Victoria and stopped at the entrance to the room. What I saw shocked and even horrified me.

She was sitting in her panties in front of the privatehdcams screen and chatting with some guy. I saw how naturally she acted. Exactly the same as when we communicated with her on this service. She playfully caresses her boobs as she tells him about making love in a dead-end road in the rain.

Vickey excited this jerk with the real story of our first sex! I saw her take off her panties, exposing her pussy to him. Her fingers played with her rosebud while on the other end of the camera, some unknown man jerked off to her.

I left the apartment and took the day off from work. I couldn’t do anything else that day, just sat down at a nearby bar and was ordering whiskey until colorful circles swam before my eyes.

Straight talk with Victoria

I returned home drunk, but she seemed not to notice and was glad to see me. I silently approached her and pushed her down to the floor. Vicki hit hard and looked at me in horror. I told her that I saw her today, how she caressed herself in front of the camera. And all this shit was in my house, where I took her so that she no longer had to do webcam.

She was crying, telling me that she couldn’t find a job and she needed to earn some money. She is ashamed that several months have passed, and she can not get anywhere. Waiters are underpaid, and she is used to a beautiful and expensive life. She could do sales, it’s too stressful for her.

Spreading her legs in front of strangers, masturbating on camera, showing her body to those who want to pay for it – that’s the kind of work she can do. I was shocked by what I just realized.

I didn’t let her get up, instead, I unbuttoned my pants and pulled up her skirt. Vicki screamed as she pushed me away, but at that moment I didn’t think about her at all. I roughly and quickly entered her ass, not even letting her get aroused properly. I know she was in pain, but that’s exactly what I wanted.

The former model cannot be re-educated

Fucking her ass, I experienced brutal pleasure. She quieted down, only sobbing, while I fucked her, pressing her to the floor. I know that she loves anal sex, but for it, she must be aroused. She often asked me to enter her at the end, and then she immediately finished.

But now I was enjoying her narrow hole, which so reluctantly let me in. I grabbed her hair and was pulling her towards me until she started to scream. I wanted to teach her a lesson, to beat forever her desire to show her cunt on camera again.

I had to spit on my cock several times so that I could fuck her freely. I was incredibly angry, but at the same time, a real animal passion arose in me. I took out my phone, turned on the camera, and pointed it at my cock in her ass. I wanted to give her this video later so that she would not forget what exactly happens to those who cheat even over video calls.

Trying to fix everything

About a couple of months after the anal punishment, Victoria was very gentle and sweet with me. We talked, she admitted that all this time she periodically visited the site to earn money.

We agreed that I would help her find another job, and she would forever forget about her past. I wanted us to have a normal life and a good family, I even thought about children.

In bed, I also tried to be gentle, and always listened to her desires. I didn’t hurt her anymore, but I didn’t touch her ass either. We now associated anal sex with punishment rather than pleasure. I forbade her to touch her asshole, and all her anal sex toys were thrown away.

After a while, I found a job for Vicki – my friend offered her a place in his company. She was supposed to deal with papers in the archive. A quiet job that pays well. She seemed to like it, and for the next few months, I was calm. She had money, she became happy, as before.

Non-work duties in the archive

I realized that everything was over between us and that we were parting. Yes, she stopped doing webcam business, but she discovered another form of entertainment. At work, she let men lick her pussy. Then she swore to me that she had not had sex with them.

She just sat on the table, and the workers could caress her with their tongues and fingers. She did not consider it a betrayal, rather, entertainment for herself. She needed enthusiastic admirers, and she found them. It seems that being a live-pussy has become her main job.

They jerked off, licking her, and then the next one would come into her little office, and his tongue would sink into her cunt. It all started with one employee who really liked Vickie. He persuaded her to just show him her pussy, promising not to touch it.

But, she could not stand it and allowed him to lick her. He told others about this new opportunity in the workplace. And all the men in the company knew that the new archivist is a Beauty with a magical cunt that becomes wet after compliments and cannot say “no”. She was returning home, and I did not know that 5-6 tongues ​​were in her pussy that day and every day.

She returned to privatehdcams where she started

She told me that it was about her because she always liked the attention of men. She wanted to be looked at, admired for her body. New men every day, a sea of ​​compliments, sex, and she is the main actress in the show of her life.

Viki thought she loved me and that our life together would be wonderful! I was the first to suggest that she try to live differently, and she agreed more out of curiosity. But, to leave her games on camera forever? After all, she liked it best of all – sex, several orgasms per day, easy money.

Only someone who really loves to fuck can do this job for 8-10 hours per day. Many of her girlfriends live with guys, but continue to do what they love. Many men get turned on when their woman is the kind of sexy-pussy that men want and virtually fuck.

I know she’s back on private shows via HD cams again. She just picked up where she left off when she moved in with me. I saw her on the websites but never spoke to her again. I have a few of our videos left on my computer – as a memory of my experiment.

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