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Impregnable private HD cam model got what she deserved

I have a new neighbor, but she turned out to be a very impregnable girl. She absolutely does not want to communicate with anyone in our building, and we don’t know why. Although, I began to notice that something very interesting was happening in her apartment.

Now I know, she is a privateHDcams sweety and now I can’t stop thinking about getting her in my bed. Will I be able to get this honey redheaded Beauty, or will she only stay my hot wet dream forever? The main thing is to convince her that friendship with neighbors sometimes brings a lot of pleasure.

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New neighbors – new stories

Just 2 weeks ago, a new girl moved into our building, and everyone wanted to get to know her. This is the way we do it in our building – we bring baskets with cupcakes, call each other for coffee, communicate, and make friends. But, for some reason, she rejected all attempts to get acquainted.

3 muffin baskets are sadly standing in front of her door, and she doesn’t even seem to notice them. She rarely leaves the house, it’s a pity because my neighbor is an amazing kitty!

I hear muffled moans behind her wall in the evenings – does this baby masturbate every day, or does she constantly have guests? I haven’t seen anyone coming into her apartment yet. A couple of times I thought she was just a hooker, but still – she really does not have any guests.

One of the neighbors told me, he knows her from the website – this is a model girl who chats with men on webcam, and also makes for them kink shows. Well, in this case, everything is clear, and I understand why she moans so sexually during a lonely night.

An impregnable pussy does not want to get acquainted

Once I met her in a lift, but the girl didn’t even look at me. She was holding a large black package from the delivery service. Who knows what might be in it – from kinky toys to some unusual sexual devices. Once or twice I had used delivered from a sex shop, and I got it in exactly the same black bag.

I asked her what her name was, but she didn’t say anything and just gave me a contemptuous look. Leaving the lift, she turned around and told me “Anna-Maria”. I just managed to shout that my name was Chris.

Well, she doesn’t want to talk, but something has shifted – at least she introduced herself to me, now I know her name and can find out more about her via Net. And yet, she is very pretty – long red hair, snow-white skin with lots of cute freckles, and big green eyes.

I knocked on her door several times, but she never opened me. Although I knew for sure that she was at home – just 15 minutes ago I was almost cummed listening to her moans behind the wall. She just got a very sweet orgasm.

The privatehdcams girl comes to me

Suddenly she rang my doorbell, even though I thought I would never succeed with her. Her slender ass was tightened into leather trousers, and the corset emphasized her breasts. She was wearing sexy dark makeup, and I saw a small tattoo on her shoulder – a camera for a cams girl.

“I have something wrong with the electricity in my apartment, I wanted to know whom I need to call to fix everything quickly” she said, looking at me.

Yes, without a doubt, it’s a complete failure in her job – how can she please clients if they can’t see her. I invited her to sit with me for a while, and I went to look for the number of the building manager.

Anna-Maria sat on the very edge of my sofa, looking disgusted at my cluttered table. Among other things, there were 2 porn magazines with naked beauties. I caught her staring at them and noticed that she looked much better. We had 20 minutes until the electrician arrived, and I decided to offer her a date.

“Nice, but I really don’t have time to go on dates, I have to work. I have a decent debt, and I want to pay it as soon as possible. Of course, you already know what I do. That chatterbox from Apartment 34 told everyone, right?”

I said that a job – is not the main thing in our lives, and certainly, it does not define a person. Even if she undresses on camera in front of strangers – it’s her own business.

“I not only undress in front of strangers, but also fulfill all their sexual desires – I have a lot of toys, costumes, lubricants, and in general, many people just like to watch. I can clean the house naked, do yoga, play on the phone – the main thing is I have nothing on me during the show. And even better – an anal plug sparkles in my ass.”

What discouraging frankness! What else could I do – I asked you to tell me exactly where on the Internet I can find her because I want to see it with my own eyes.

Meeting on private HD cam made me crazy

I easily found her on the Internet, and, to be honest, I was discouraged. There were so many good reviews about Anna-Maria! Clients were complimenting her for her ingenuity in sex, a great sense of humor, and a large selection of sex toys.

She immediately responded to my invitation to go to a private porn cams room. It was a little funny, because right now she is in the next apartment, literally behind the wall. I could just go to her place and we would try all these sexy things together.

Anna-Maria slowly undressed in front of me, and my dick immediately woke up, wanting to get this sweet pussy. Her red hair strands covered her breasts, and the girl looked like a magical nymph who had just appeared from the deep forest.

Through the strands of her hair, I could see her tender pink nipples on the porcelain skin of her breasts. Such light, just glowing skin with dots of cute freckles. She took a big glass dildo and licked it, showing me how she can handle cocks.

Red-haired girls are the hottest

My nymph placed a glass dildo between her magical boobs and held it up and down several times. Anna-Maria moved the camera, showing me her naked gorgeous pussy – no red hair this time. Just a snow-white pussy with a scattering of freckles. She squeezed out in her hand a lubricant, applying it with her cute pointer to her pussy and asshole – a promising gesture!

The dildo slowly entered her, giving me an overview of her labia, swollen clit, and sweet little ass. I didn’t even move, staring at the smooth movements of her hand. She applied lubricant on her holes, but it was not necessary – I saw how she was getting red and wet.

The rose opened on the snow – her pussy got excited, changing color from pale pink to a bloody red. Anna-Maria moaned deeply and passionately, fastening the pace. At that moment, a small vibrator appeared in her hand and immediately was put on clit.

She was making a show for me, constantly stroking herself, lifting her hair, and showing me her naked breasts. It was almost impossible to look at her sexy movements, it seemed to me at that moment, I could hear the buzzing of the vibrator through the wall and feel the sweetest scent of her honey pussy. I got to her door and started knocking and ringing like crazy.

Webcam only – my neighbor’s sex rule

She didn’t open the door for me, and I didn’t even hear her come near the door. There was only silence, broken by soft music. I was standing in front of her door in my underwear and holding my excited boner.

When I returned back to my room, she had already turned on the camera, and I could not contact her again. Yes, I was stupid, but what could I do with my desire? This situation turned me on more than ever. I’ve always gotten girls I wanted to fuck, so how can she trick me like this?

I met Anna-Maria just the next day, and she pretended that nothing had happened between us. The private Hd cam model told me, coming out of the lift, that she never meets or talks with clients. And she does not sleep with her clients from the webcam service – this is her rule.

I can punch a hole in her door with my boner, but her pussy belongs only to her. It’s better for me not to come to her virtual room anymore if I don’t know how to hold my dick in my hands.

Unexpected chance with Anna-Maria

A month later this fucking stupid incident, I heard something fall outside my door in the evening. I looked through the peephole and saw Anna-Maria, who could barely stand on her feet. She was drunk and very drunk, with no way to open the door by herself.

I went out to help her, but Anna-Maria just laughed, saying something unintelligible about her best friend’s birthday. She literally couldn’t stand on her feet, and I had to take the keys out of her bag and carry her into the apartment in my arms.

Her apartment was completely ordinary, you would never imagine, this a lair of a private HD cam model – cute dark furniture, pillows on the sofa, a landscape on the wall. She practically blacked out while I was thinking where to put a drunk girl.

She was safe now, but there was no way I could leave her alone so easily. Her dress was too revealing, and I could clearly see that there was no underwear under it. But, how could I risk lifting this dress and looking closer at her body?

Sexual caress in a dream world and in reality

Anna-Maria slept very peacefully, smiling at her dreams. I gently lifted her dress up to her belly, looking at her tender sleeping pussy. It was as smooth and pink as the last time in the camera lens.

I lightly touched her with my finger, gently parting her labia. She was dry, and I did not want to hurt her, so I licked my finger, caressing the very edge of her tender pussy. And then pushed my finger a little deeper, touching her clit.

Anna-Maria moaned softly but did not wake up, and it gave me confidence – I can play with this sleeping pussy. I knelt down and gently ran my tongue over her clitoris, stretching her labia. She sighed sweetly again, leaning her hips forward to me.

I continued to lick and tease her, letting her clit swell and get aroused. Her pussy turned red again, the same as when she was fucking herself with that glass toy.

If you take the risk – you drink champagne

She still did not wake up, but only moaned and weakly stroked her stomach with her hands. I unbuttoned my pants and applied some of her lubricant to my cock – she was already wet. Quietly, so as not to awaken the girl, I found the most comfortable position to enter her.

Anna-Maria sighed loudly when my cock was inside her, and I began to slowly enter and exit her pussy. My balls were burning with the desire to finish as soon as possible, but I didn’t want to fuck her in a hurry. I was afraid that she would wake up, and it would be a terrible scandal. And yet, her pussy beckoned me so much that I decided to take a chance.

I lifted the dress even higher, looking at her neat breasts with swollen nipples. They also blushed, showing me that their owner is very satisfied at this moment. I took Anna-Maria by the nipple and started rubbing it between two fingers. Her pussy tightened around my dick, giving me sweet suffering.

I remembered her clit, which had been ignored for a long time and put 2 fingers on it, kneading and stroking it. After a couple of minutes, she started moaning much louder, and I sped up my pace. My unexpected girlfriend was ready to cum, and I don’t think I can wait for any longer with my orgasm.

The secret guest leaves no traces

She came, sweetly biting her lip and muttering something in her dreamworld. I didn’t want to cum into her pussy, but the ass beckoned me, offering pleasure. I also penetrated her very easily, and her relaxed condition played into my hands. Just a couple of movements in this sweet young ass, and I shot deep into her with my hot cum.

After that, I fixed her dress, covered Anna-Maria with a warm rug, and left, closing the door. Let her think that someone got her ass at a birthday party. Or maybe she won’t even notice that she was fucked while she was sleeping and drunk.

She never said anything to me, but I always remember with delight this secret game with a sleeping private Hd cam girl. I even dreamed about her pussy, and I woke up in a puddle of my sperm. It was a great adventure, which I prefer not to tell anyone.

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